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An update? Whaaaaat?

Okay so wow yeah I suck. I don't update. Ever. Some of you have been "nudging" me on here. Guess what? Here I am! Lol

I've been so busy as always. Cake and work and work and cake.
As it is I've been trying to write this for about an hour and I have like two sentences done.

This weekend I made a baby shower cake for Chelsea.

It was so cute. I did the stand and everything.

The next day, yesterday, I had a wedding cake. It was so pretty and I was so proud of it!

The wedding was outside and took place in a bandshell. The cake was left alone in a shelter during the ceremony. When we got back to the shelter one of the flowers was on the table broken. I thought the wind had done it and quickly moved to fix it.
Well... There was more wrong and the wind clearly hasn't done it.

What's this? Tiny claw marks?

Then around the back... Oh god...

A squirrel mauled the cake during the ceremony! Yikes! There was really nothing I could do to make this look better. Honestly.
Thankfully, everyone thought it was super hilarious. Oi!

Brian turned 32 last week. He's doing really great. 150lbs lost!

For his birthday I got him a really awesome shaving set up with a double edge razor, shaving soap, badger brush and bowl and a variety pack of blades. He LOVES it. He's been shaving every single day. It makes me so happy. It was quite an investment considering I wasn't sure he'd like it! I think I paid about $70 for everything. It wasn't a total starter newb set, but not the nicest either. About middle of the road I guess.

In case you wanted to know, I'm obsessed with nail polish now...

This is my collection. I built the rack too.
I'm sort of completely obsessed.

I feel like I've gotten tattooed or something since the last time I posted. I don't know. Maybe not. I guess the bird/bike was the last one. Here's a better photo than I probably posted before:

I guess I can't think of much else to say. Hope you're all well.

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And if I were an astronaut...

What a weekend I had.
Friday my first nephew was born. Jace Jeffrey Whitten.


He's sweet as pie and perfect in every way. We snuggled for quite a while and then went home for some well deserved sleep.

Saturday morning I went to Barnes & Noble and picked up a gift for my mom...
This nice volume of stories from my childhood.

And something nice for myself... this lovely leather bound journal with thick yellowy pages... it feels so luxurious.

I went to Michael's and got a fountain pen and some jars for sugar scrub for the mom's for mother's day.

Then I went to the airforce museum for SPACE FEST. I went all by myself and I gave zero fucks. I watched two IMAX movies by myself. It was awesome.
I saw Destiny in Space and The Hubble. Destiny in Space was okay, but the Hubble movie was amazing. I get emotional about space stuff sometimes... so there I was sitting in the center of the theatre by myself, getting all teary eyes every time they showed a shuttle launch. And almost having a panic attack when they were showing some of the Hubble images. Seeing the Orion Nebula on a 6 story screen is pretty overwhelming. It's just incredible...
Watching them work on the Hubble was intense and exciting.
I don't think most people realize how difficult everything up there is. They orbit the earth every 90 minutes. They get 45 minutes of sun and 45 minutes of dark... every 90 minutes. All while they're trying to work on this machine in the vacuum of space, which one referred to as being like trying to perform brain surgery while wearing oven mitts.

Space fest bouncy house:


I got to hear Guy Bluford speak as well. He's so damn cool. He's been in space 5 times and I love listening to him talk. He's smart, funny and witty.

After Space Fest, I did a 10 mile bike ride and then we went work at the bar. It was a long night. I slept like a rock.

Sunday I took my mom to lunch and then I tried to fix my phone.
This happened a week or so ago...

Still works, just, obviously sucks.

So I set up my work space and set off on dismantling my phone. You have to basically take the whole thing apart to get the screen off.
photo.JPG photo.JPG

It was only at this point I found out they'd sent me the wrong damn screen. It was an AT&T screen and not a Verizon. I determined the the connectors were the same, but there was a bracket in the wrong place. It literally cut the bracket off and tried to put it in any way. Put the whole damn thing back together and then went to hook up the connectors and the fucking ribbons were too short. I was pissed so I started pulling on them and it broke.

I had to take it back apart and put back on the screen which a lot of glass had fallen out of when I pulled it off...

I can't believe it still works.

Now I have to order a new screen. Again... and this time if they send me the wrong one, I obviously won't try to install it... sigh.

One a happier note... my latest cakes:

These cupcakes and this cake:

In short, my weekend was exhausting! haha

Okay Okay

So, hey guys, it's been a minute.
Let's see here, we've been busy, I don't have much excuse for not posting other than that I suppose. Lot's of biking and working.
photo.JPG photo.JPG

I'll try not to turn this into a huge photo dump, but the photos tell more than I can remember sometimes!

We've had lovely day rides.

And fun group night rides.

It's been incredibly windy and the weather has been temperamental, but we ride when we can.

Brian has lost about a total of 130lbs now. Here he is trying on those weird toe shoes. He didn't buy them lol. Completely impractical for our lifestyle.

We went to Indianapolis to visit Chelsea and Bryan. It was a lot of fun.

Other than when I fell into a flower garden...

We're trying to start a "Pups on the Patio" dog night on Tuesdays at the bar.

The first week was fun, but ended up being really cold. And I'm guessing tomorrow it will rain. :/

I'd ordered a pair of pants from Chrome and when they arrived they didn't match the description. I wrote them back, disappointed there was no u-lock holder and asked for a discount on a hip bag so I'd have a u-lock holder.
Well, they ended up giving me a 55% discount on an order up to $200!
First we ordered two hip bags, a jacket for Brian and a Citizen messenger bag to share.

Well, the bag was WAY too big for me. So I used the last of my discount to buy a Mini Metro and I swear it's the greatest purchase of my life.
It just screams ME. The limited edition color really sold me as well haha.
In the end, we got over $400 worth of stuff for $200. Amazing. Customer service at it's best!

Here are some of my latest cakes:

photo.JPG photo.JPG

And I was asked to make another Golden Girls cake. I wasn't sure about doing this at first, but it turned out really beautifully.

Yesterday we tried to take our little kayak out for the first time. We got Eddy pumped up like we were taking him to doggie disney land. He was SO excited. Then we got out and it was 25 mph winds. We couldn't even get off the dock hahahaha. He now officially has no idea what the fuck we were trying to accomplish and still doesn't understand what the boat is for or why he needs a special jacket to sit in it. It's sort of adorable/hilarious.

I hope you're all well. I've been getting messages from some of you so I figured I should update haha.

I'm more active on twitter (imtiffanyterror) and instagram (gemcitytiffany, but I haven't been SUPER active online lately in general.

I love you guys though!


Trying to keep the momentum up

In interest of moving forward with redecorating, we've swapped the couch and chair. It's just different enough to make it seem new again.

We got our vintage print in the mail and I got it framed up and on the wall.


I pretty much love it.

I'm redecorating the bedroom and I'm taking down the Asian stuff and giving it more of a vintage sporty feel. (Good god, I never would have imagined myself saying something like that.)
Anyhow, I don't have much put together for it yet, but I framed these last night.
I have some ideas... I dunno. I have been poking around on Pintrest and what not.
We'll see how it goes!

Gettin' awesome

What a weekend I had!
I decided to do some home improvements. We went to Ikea and got a new rug and new bedding. The new bed stuff is magically comfy, I can't keep the animals off of it!

I put in a metal backsplash behind the stove and painted brown on the sides. It's debatable whether we like it or not. Okay, I like it, it's debatable if Brian likes it lol. He made the smiley face with the tins. haha

Saturday Kelly came over and we painted my living room wall orange. Well, we painted most of it. We didn't have a ladder.

While that was drying, I went for the bike ride because the sun came out.
I got 18 miles in on my new bike. It was a good ride.

Then I came home and worked on my new throw pillows. I got fabric at Joann's and hand stitched and filled these.
I was so pleased with how they turned out. They came out great. I impressed myself.

Then yesterday Brian's parent's came over with a ladder to help me finish the living room!
We have 12 foot ceilings, so it was a task! also, getting behind that vent... what a pain!


I'll get better photos once I have some natural lighting in. And with my camera. I need to do a new Saucy Dwellings post with my updates :)
We're waiting to get the new print that's going over the tv though. It's a huge vintage cycling ad.

Also, Brian got me this globe!
It's so awesome!

The bedroom is next!

Oh! and here are my latest cakes:

Well, I spent most of this week sick.
Blah. I didn't feel good at all. I missed two days of work.

I had a busy cake making weekend though. I made this lovely baby shower cloud cake:

And my niece's birthday cake!
It was soooo awesome.

photo.JPG photo.JPG

I also made some cake pops to send out for jodea's other's blog's Secret Cupid exchange!

I got my package already as well! It was pretty magical!

Also, I got my new bike!!
Hasn't done me much good as I've been crazy sick. I've not even put a mile on it, I'd bet. I basically have only rode it to work and back yesterday and to work today. Aluminum with a carbon fork, Shimano 105... It's pretty dreamy. It weighs 20lbs! 20 lbs you guys! It's so crazy because I feel like I don't even know how to ride a bike when I get on it because everything is so crazy different. Of course, it's gone back to being winter here again now.

Also, my mom gave me an Amazon card for my birthday. I used it to get a new bento box and some travel chop sticks and bento accessories. I LOVE IT... here was the first rad bento lunch I made:

I took tomorrow off work for the Adventure Summit! I can't wait! Gary Fisher is going to be there talking and he's like... the godfather of mountain biking. He's such a badass. There's going to be a lot of really cool stuff happening. I'm stoked for it!

Hope you all are having a good week! <3

Another day another dollar

I am not good at saving money, but when I do, I usually blow it on stuff all at once.
I spent $55 on Amazon on my cat. Well, technically the cat and the dog. I bought them this water/food station. The cat was constantly knocking the water dish around. It was one that had a bottle that fed into the water dish. He liked to see the water come out so he would push the bottle. I'd come home to water everywhere and the dish in the middle of the room. It was getting old.
This fountain seemed like a good fix. Constant flowing water that flows over the dome on the one side, but pools in the center dish and still a food dish for Eddy by the water. They both took to it right away. The fountain/dishes cost $28. Then I wanted the mat because it locks the whole thing in place, that was $12. Then I just bought a whole bunch of filters. I think it's pretty cool that it filters the water. The water also seems cold to the touch when I touch it. I guess because it's constantly moving over that dome. They like it and I have had zero incidents with splashing or moving. Honestly, it was worth the $55 for me to regain my sanity.

Also, the NEXT day, after I ordered it, my mom gave me a $25 Amazon card for my birthday lol. Oh well. I used it to get myself a new bento box, some nice chop sticks and some bento accessories. I can't wait to get them!

My next splurge was my new tattoo. I wanted a blue heron and a bike. We discovered that the blue heron population at the river here is extraordinary when we began biking the river paths. They're my favorite paths and we see so many of these gorgeous birds.
Kevin did not disappoint me.
I fell in love with the drawing the second he showed it to me.

It was painful...Collapse )
Even with the pain, I was laying at home Saturday when the sun broke through the clouds and wow... I just had to get out there. It was about 37 degrees and I decided to just suck it up and get out there. I put on my full kit and hit the road.
I should have checked the wind speeds.
I was almost knocked off my bike by wind several times. I managed to do 7 miles. I still don't know how. At one point I thought I wasn't going to make it back home. It was really brutal. When I got back inside, I checked the weather channel...
There was a warning for CARS about the high winds. Saying 21mph wind with 40-45mph gusts. The wind advisory told people driving to be careful and I was out there riding my bike around like a jackass. It took me almost an hour to do the 7 miles if that tells you anything haha.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!
Well, as of today, Brian's weightloss journey has taken us through 365 crazy days. We've had good times and hard times. It's been a trip for sure. It's not over yet, but what a wild start it has been!

This is going to involve a LOT of words and a LOT of photos... so sit back and strap in! I feel like we have so much to say that I'm afraid we'll either say too much or leave out important things!

He and I get asked a LOT of questions about how he did it. Most of the time when you tell someone diet and exercise, they realize this isn't what they wanted to hear and don't want to know any more. There are a lot of people who do want to know more though. So we're writing this blog to give everyone our side of the story :)

On average, Brian tried to maintain between 1,500-2000 calories a day. When he first began, he was eating 2,500 to start. He slowly started lowering the number as he lost more and more.
We had a lot of help from My Fitness Pal. The program is a great tool! We use their app on our phones. Basically, you enter your food and exercise. It tracks your calorie intake and when you exercise, it subtracts those calories from your net amount. So if you have a 2,000 calorie goal and you've eaten that much for the day, but you work out and burn 400 calories, you can then eat 400 more calories worth of food without going over your daily goal. At some point, you start to really put your faith in the calculator and you feel bad if you go over your goal and you exercise because if you do- you get to reward yourself with that bowl of sherbet!

You hear all the time that you have to eat to lose weight. And it's true. Starving yourself is not helping yourself. Your results will be unhealthy, not lasting and frustrating. We try to eat every 2 hours. Breakfast to start, this is the most important meal of the day for sure. If you don't start with a good breakfast, you're likely to graze all day. Eggs are a great start. There's a rad omelet recipe below. Two hours after breakfast, treat yourself to a snack. Some nuts, a granola bar, a cup of granola, some fruit, carrots, celery, a handful of crackers... something you'll enjoy and will help you get through til lunch. Two hours later is lunch time. Try to eat a balanced meal! Two hours later, another snack and two hours after that is dinner.
When it came down to dinner we had to make changes for sure. Pieces of meat the size of your palm. We now buy only grass fed, organic meat. We only eat red meat about once a week. Brian used to have really bad stomach issues every time we ate red meat, but now that we've switched, his digestive track is fine. Imagine that...
Anyhow, I think we all know that a balanced dinner consists of. We just don't care... or we over eat. Portions are a big deal. No matter what we're eating, we always check portion sizes on the packages and eat that amount. The kitchen scale is a life-saver. When you're at the store, look at the packages and compare. Some crackers allow you 5 per 120 calorie serving and some allow you 15. Which would you be more happy about eating?
If we wanted dessert, we had to work out and work for it.

Guess what though? Fruit and veggies... we never counted them on our calorie counter. We let ourselves eat all of them we wanted. Might sound like cheating, people even told us with all that sugar, we'd never lose weight. Clearly, that wasn't the case. I guess it must be better to eat apples and berries than candy and cookies ;)

Another thing Brian noticed was that he was more likely to lose weight if he drank 8+ glasses of water a day. It's kind of crazy how important that is. I think it goes without saying that soda is the worst thing you can drink.

The hardest part is getting started. When we decided to change our lives the first thing we did was throw out EVERYTHING in the fridge with high fructose corn syrup in it. I'm not kidding when I say all of it. I know it seems wasteful and crazy, but if you don't do it all at once, you'll say "tomorrow" forever. We replaced all of our condiments and beverages and everything else in there with products free of HFCS. As much organic as possible.

One day a week... we had CHEAT DAY. Yeaaahhh. We didn't go hit Old Country Buffet or anything, but we did let ourselves not count calories if we didn't want to and splurge a little.

As for exercise, he has followed a pretty strict exercise routine, but the best part about it is that in time, it becomes a challenge you can't back down from. In the winter, we hit the gym for an hour at least twice a week. He also participates in a spin class at the bike shop twice a week.
During the warm months... well, you can't even call what we do exercise. We ride our bikes. Last year Brian spent 4,000 miles on his bike. I can hardly even comprehend that. He would try to ride 25 miles a day whenever he could. 10 in the morning and 15 in the evening. I can not say enough praise for K&G Bike Center and the AMAZING bike paths of the Five Rivers Metro Parks!
Here you can read about our 100 mile bike ride we did on his 31st birthday in September on some of these brilliantly laid out local bike paths.
Dayton is a really a magical place to ride bikes. You can travel hundreds of miles in any direction without having to ride on the road with cars.
We also got to attend a lot of cool Metro Parks events last year that have truly inspired us for this year. The Gear Fest, the Cycling Summit, the Paddle in the Park event. That event convinced us to start kayaking this year!

The hardest part about working out is getting yourself to do it. You just have to commit. It helps to have someone who will do it with you.
As for biking, it can be frustrating to start. It would be a lie to say this was all fun and games starting out. There were a lot of issues up front. When you weigh 350lbs, you can't get a Walmart bike and expect it to hold your weight. Those bikes are trash and if you want a bike to ride for exercise, these are not the bikes for you. They will fall apart and the parts are so cheap they normally can't be fixed at all.
Brian started on a bike our friend put together for him and his father's old Schwinn. I remember we went out one day and he pedaled forward and snapped the pedal clean off the crank arm. That's a solid piece of metal. It was like in that movie Shallow Hal where she breaks the chair... "What is this made out of??" "Uhh... steel."
He took everything in stride and didn't give up. He was so heavy that he broke spokes on his bike more times than I can count. You can't ride a bike with broken spokes and it would have been so easy to have used it as an excuse, saying he'd fix it "later"... but every time he was in the bike shop the next day getting that bike fixed.

His best advice for those starting out with biking:
If you have money and time, your best bet is to go to your local bike shop and pour your heart out to them about what your goals are. Don't go to a big box store. Go to your local mom and pop shop and find someone who really cares. They will help you.
If you don't have a lot of money, your best bet is to find something on Craigslist. See if you know anyone who knows anything about bikes. Take them with you. Don't buy a mountain bike to ride in the city. Don't be terrified of smaller tires and seats. You can usually find cool old steel bikes on craigslist for around $100-200 and take them into your local bike shop and put another $50-100 into them to make them worth your time to ride. You really need to have it gone over before you attempt to ride it. Also, make sure the bike fits you. I could talk forever about bike stuff, but really, go to your local bike shop. They're awesome.

A big thing we've found is that most people seem to have a complete misconception of what you can't eat when you're losing weight. I don't care about studies, I don't care about what people have to say, I believe in real life experience... so here is a list of things we eat that people act like you can't eat and lose weight!
Butter, whole milk, ice cream, cheese burgers, french bread, pizza, french fries, mac and cheese, pasta, cake, fruit juice, sports drinks, hot dogs, potatoes, and pancakes... just to name a few.
It turns out there are delightful alternatives to all these foods that are usually associated with greasy, fatty versions.
The key is buying as many whole foods as possible. And I don't mean the store Whole Foods. I mean... REAL food. Food that just is what it is. When you look at ingredients, if there are more than five or six... stop reading man... if you can't pronounce it, you shouldn't eat it. We try not to eat science experiment food. We cook with REAL organic butter, we drink organic milk, we eat grass fed beef burgers, we make our own fries, baked to perfection in the oven. We drink organic 100% fruit juices with nothing weird added. The real key is to be in touch with your food. Know what you're eating.

Are you bored yet? lol
Here are some more fun things to look at:
progression photosCollapse )

Food we loveCollapse )

Recipes we loveCollapse )

Overall, the past year has been a great one. We learned so much and we've become even closer. He's my best friend and I know I say it all the time, but I'm so damn proud of him. He's so dedicated and awesome and inspiring. He's like a brand new guy :)
He's full of energy, he's always on the go, he wants to go new places and try new things... it's just awesome.
We can't wait to try out kayaking this year!
Also, the last time we went to King's Island, he was too big to ride a lot of the rides :(
This year... we're going to go and he's going to ride ALL the rides!
We wanted to go indoor sky-diving when we got married, but there was a weight restriction. So there's another thing he can do now! We want to go REAL sky diving! We have to make it happen!
It's just crazy to think that a year ago, I could barely get him to go outside and as of today, he's been working at the bike shop two weeks and we have so many bikes in our house I can hardly keep track.

We went ice skating last weekend... TWICE. Sometimes I don't even know who this guy is! haha
photo.JPG photo.JPG

Just for giggles... here's a recent photo of myself:
I've been cheating and drinking a little soda and I may or may not have had taco bell today. That was bad lol, but hey, I'm going to try to put myself back on track!

Thanks for baring with me on all this guys! I know a lot of this is repeated information for those who follow my blog, but I'm going to be directing people here from FB and twitter. So... yeah. I've included new photos none of you have seen before and hopefully made this interesting enough to read! Thanks for everyone's support over the past year! Brian always loves when I tell him people are asking about him or complimenting him on my blog :D
New Year's Eve was lovely. Unbelievably, I took like... no photos. I was too busy enjoying everything completely. (ie: wasted, I was wasted haha)
Here was some of the food:

And my hair was fab

On the 30th I got my new ring.
It's a cz. (To replace my lost diamond.) At first I wasn't happy because I accidentally ordered the 1 carat and I thought it looked completely ridiculous and fake because I was use to the smaller one. The first day I even sort of hid my hand from people, embarrassed by how silly I felt about it.
Then a total stranger at the bar said, "Oh gosh your ring is beautiful."
And I felt a million times better. It's going to be fine. :)

I took this photo in the elevator of my building on new years day...
It was later confessed to me by a friend that she was the one who dumped all the confetti in there haha.

Then the first bike ride of the year!
My legs look so awesome!

Also, the first snow fall of the year!

I'm extremely excited for the new year and can't wait to get shit done and get even more awesome. Don't resolve to change because, who really ever does? Just get awesome.

I'd like to close this out with something super important and dear to me!
Brian has lost about 125 pounds now and I will be working on a full blog post about it with answers to a ton of questions he has been asked. That blog will be posted on my fb and stuff, you guys have seen his progression over the year, but seeing it all together is kind of crazy. I put together this set of photos:

****Brian's weight loss 2011****

I've looked at these a million times and I was scrolling through them the other day and Howie Day "Collide" came on my Pandora and it made me go all misty eyed.
I'm so proud of him.

So yeah, check out the photos. I'll be posting more soon and also our most prepared recipes, some info about his caloric intake, work out routines etc.

Happy new year everyone! I love you guys <3

have yourself a merry little christmas


Last night I was up all night baking and making delicious treats!

Red velvet cupcakes filled with cream cheese!
photo.JPG photo.JPG

photo.JPG photo.JPG

Ginger bread from scratch with some local molasses Brian's mom gave us.
photo.JPG photo.JPG

photo.JPG photo.JPG


Annnnd more peanut brittle... pulled as thin as I could.

I got my Christmas bonus at work today, which is great because I was counting on it... to the point where I actually have already spent it on Christmas, so we need the bonus money to pay rent haha.

Oh, and guess what... Lisa had her ultrasound yesterday. I'm going to have a nephew. We can hardly believe it. We're all just baffled. I am finally going to be able to buy someone transformers and comic books and trucks and a stuff!

Tomorrow starts my Christmas. I can't wait.

Happy Robonakah

Christmas shopping was officially, officially finished last weekend.
I got my mom some more things... a stainless steel thermos, a massage pillow thing, some chocolates... and the week before I'd picked her up a tool set, some tea and some candles.
My brother wasn't easy. I got him some stuff for his guniea pigs, the new Star Trek movie, a star trek keychain, some Sharpie pens... I don't know. He wasn't easy to shop for.

I ended up getting the girls MORE stuff. I got them some clothes. I even tried to get Tori one more thing last night, but the store was closed when we went.

Last weekend I went to an ugly sweater party! I made a cake for the party and it came out awesome!
Everyone loved it. It was lemon flavored.

Let's see... what else...
my Reddit Secret Santa came through with a pretty rad gift!
Pretty fitting. He sent me this cell phone holder. It's funny since everyone makes fun of me for my phone always being in my hands.
Also, how cute is that phone case?
NY Times is doing an article about people shopping online while intoxicated. They saw my tweet about drunk buying this phone case and I some how ended up doing a phone interview with the NYTimes about my drunk purchase. Social media is hilarious. And I'm going to be in the NY Times for being an awesome drunk. My life is hilarious.


I finally made peanut brittle on Tuesday.
I'm going to make more tonight and cupcakes for the weekend. Red velvet with green frosting. hehe.

We're going to a party tomorrow night at Hef and Josh's.
Then Saturday we're having Christmas at Brian's grandparent's, then his parents. Then we're doing Christmas brunch with my family on Christmas.

I'm just SUPER ready for it all. I got great gifts for everyone. I haven't even really thought about what I might be getting. I'm *hoping* I get the binoculars I wanted, but it's not a big deal and there's nothing that I want that I would be crushed with out. I'm mostly going crazy because I'm so ready to surprise Brian!!

Also, I got this awesome El Wire to put on my bike.
I love it.

I like to be seen at night, that's for sure!! No one is going to hit me with a car!

He bought a bike in December...

I mentioned the other day that my father in law bought a bike. Of course, we're still not totally thrilled he bought a department store bike, but at least he got a bike.
Well, we actually think it's pretty cool, that at 51 years old, he has decided to start riding a bike. (We're probably going to build him a bike for father's day!)

Well, he's gone out a few times, it's pretty cold out, but we've had no real snow to speak of. Yesterday, he agreed to go out with us for a ride we were doing. It was a 20 mile ride from Xenia to Yellow Springs and back. Probably a bit ambitious for him, but we had a great time.
He got these matching jackets for him and Brian at Old Navy the other day, it was pretty cute.

I almost put my foot through this ice, trying to get a photo of these leaves haha, I'm sort of a jackass...

We took a break in Yellow Springs and went to get coffee. I love Yellow Springs because it's such a calm little town. People don't even lock their bikes up when they run into the shops most of the time. (You're damn sure I sat where I could see them though haha)
photo.JPG photo.JPG

But yeah, walking into the coffee shop, Brian mentioned it was the one Dave Chappelle always went to. We got our coffee and sat down and in he walked. Brian looked and me and asked, "What are the odds?" I just laughed and said, "Well, pretty good, I guess."
Statistically speaking, I think I've seen him 3 out of the past 5 time we've been there. The man lives there and it's a TINY town. Some day I'll ask him for a photo. Yesterday in my full bike gear... not the day lol
He sort of looked at us and mumbled that we were crazy and he didn't get on his bike unless it was at least 60 degrees haha.

I did forget my full finger gloves, which was an uncomfortable mistake. It also took me a while to find the best combination of my leg and arm warmers, leggings and my jacket etc. I was either too hot or too cold most of the ride there, but felt much better on the way back when I took off my arm warmers and just wore the jacket.
The best part was, I think Brian's dad really enjoyed it. I think he was inspired by Brian's weightloss and his life changes. I truly hope he can continue doing this with us and we can go on family rides more often.


I'm so proud of my wonderful man who has now lost 120lbs since January. He's inspired so many people we know. He put almost 4,000 miles in this year. FOUR THOUSAND. Last year, he did maybe 500. There really aren't enough words to express how proud of him I am. <3

Buy ALL the gifts!

Soooo we went out to get a tree last night...
and instead we somehow spent all of our money on gifts for the girls and our brother and sister in law haha. We didn't get a tree, but it was fun to have stuff to wrap. So I was okay with it.


I'm going for a classy look this year with the silver and blue. I already need more wrapping paper and more of the aqua ribbon as it was my favorite. I hand made all the bows because I couldn't find bows I liked. Also, each gift has either a little ornament or bell tied into the ribbons.
I used vinyl letters to just put the recipient's first initial in the left corner of the box. So to stick with my modern look I was going for. I'm pretty happy with my results :)

I found these ADORABLE cat toy bento boxes at Target. I got Gibson the sushi one. I wrapped it. He'll get it on Christmas lol

In a somewhat interesting turn of events, my father in law has decided to start biking!
We tried to convince him he needed to go to the local bike shop with us and get a "real" bike, but he's your average American consumer and ended up buying a $200 department store bike. I'm sure it's okay to get him started, but wow it weighs 40lbs. (My current bike weighs 30 and the one I'm getting with our tax return weighs 20), so 40lbs is pretty rough... either way, we're super glad he's interested in getting into it. I think we're going to build him a bike for father's day.

Speaking of bikes, have I shown you guys the one I finally decided to get? It's beautiful.
With tax, I believe I figured up that it will be around $1,070.
Well, I'll have to buy some pedals as well, but I have a feeling Brian is going to be getting me those for Christmas. I could be wrong, but we'll see. :)
Either way, the ones I want will either be $40 or I think $60, so not a huge deal, a night's work at the bar will cover it.
I am so excited about this damn bike I could explode. It's got Sora components, which is Shimano's entry level stuff, but the next step up costs a lot more and this is already way better than what I'm on right now, so hey, I'm not complaining! If I want to, some day I can get online and find a used 105 set and upgrade my parts.
Okay, sorry. That was a lot of babbling. Just know that I am VERY excited!

Day Zero

Well, here it is. It's my due date. I know it's been a long time since everything happened... but 13 weeks is plenty of time to fall in love. Half a year, evidently, isn't long enough to forget that love. It's really hard to think I should have a little one in my arms this week.

I am doing okay. I had a sort of hard time at Thanksgiving.So many babies.Some just weeks old. Several pregnant women... my sister in law.
It's just hard. I was totally fine all day until we left. I cried in the car. I don't know. I was just sad.

I'm very thankful for my nieces.
They love me so much and they're just so sweet. I love them to pieces.

I'm sad I don't get to meet my baby this week. Or ever. Maybe some day I'll get this right.

Putting one foot forward, I'm anxious to get a Christmas tree and decorate for Christmas. I've started a little bit. I have also started shopping a bit. Traditionally, Brian and I don't buy each other gifts. But last year, he was Mr. Mysterious and bought me those damn rims I wanted for my bike. I was so surprised and happy that I, famously, burst into tears upon opening them. That boy...
Those bike rims to me were like diamond ear rings would be to most girls lol

Anyhow, I had some extra money this year and decided to get him a few small things. I got him a vintage style cylinder seat bag, a digital tire gauge, a messenger bag and a nice dress shirt from Old Navy. The messenger bag sort of fell into my lap. I was looking at bike messenger style bags online and he saw me looking at them. He told me he didn't want me to spend that kind of money on him. They're very expensive.I said I wouldn't if he didn't want me to. Well, I was thrifting yesterday and found a small, fairly nice, great condition one for $2! It's not a super fancy Chrome bag or anything, but it's a solid bag that he can toss his u-lock and a pair of shoes and a snack in.

Hopefully I can start my December baking next week! Can't wait to make gingerbread, pies, cakes, cookies, peanut brittle etc etc!!!

Thanksgiving comes early at my house...

What a weekend. I took off Thursday and Friday from the music store so I could work on cakes. I had a large wedding cake and a fall themed cake for my friend's work party.
The cakes turned out great! This fall cake is one of my favorite cakes I've ever made.

Everything was edible. I hand made the acorns, twigs, pumpkins, berries, vines etc. And the leaves were made by marbling fondant and cutting them out. Then I used fondant tools to make the lines on them.I love it.

Then I did Chelsea's sister's wedding cake :)
Buttercream is not my strength. I am a fondant girl. I promised myself not to point out any of the flaws in the icing to anyone at the wedding haha. I could pick it apart all day, but at the end of the night, what mattered was that people told me they thought it was beautiful and tasted wonderful. The bride supplied me with the flowers and ribbon. I would have rather done this cake with entirely edible accessories (and with fondant hahaha...) but it's okay lol

I had little time to prepare for Thanksgiving, which we do the Sunday before Thanksgiving at my place.I put together a heck of a party though :)

Apple pie made with our apples from last week's trip to the apple barn!

Home made cranberry sauce with organic cranberries and fresh orange zest and cinnamon sticks and freshly ground spices.

And, of course, this golden beauty...
A 15lb turkey, stuffed full of apples and oranges, juniper berries, all spice, pepper corns, kosher salt and then covered in butter, soy sauce, orange zest and squeezed orange juice, paprika, Himalayan pink salt and kosher salt.
I roasted it for about 3 1/2 hours at 325, basting every 20- 30 minutes, and then it was done a bit too early, so we turned the oven down to 200 and covered it in foil. Then we let it rest on the counter, covered in foil for about 10 or 15 minutes. It was the must succulent, juicy, tasty turkey I've ever made. It was incredible. When I cut into it, juices were just pouring out of it.

All 10 of us sat down and ate a wonderful meal and great times were had by all. Little Lauren put up a fuss about how much she hated all the food... but she's 2. I guess that's what you do when you're two.

Then we had pie and ice cream for dessert.
We made up dishes with a tiny slice of pumpkin pie with cool whip and a tiny slice of my apple pie with ice cream for everyone. It was all delicious and everyone was excited to have the pie made from the apples we got on the trip!

I'll leave you with this hilarious photo of Gibson and his new favorite toy.

Don't worry, we'll have the tree up soon and the whole place decked out for Christmas! More photos soon!

Fall in Ohio

We went on our yearly trip to Hocking Hills this weekend with the family.
I was afraid Eddy's paws would get too cold, so I got him boots. He would NOT wear them lol. Ah well, the weather was nice anyway!
So much fury...

The weekend with my loves was just wonderful :)
First we went to the Ohio Apple Barn... apple cider slushies, apple cider, molasses and apples!


We hiked at the caves and had so much fun!
photo.JPG photo.JPG

We did an easy hike with the girls and then Jeff, Tori, Brian and I went on a more advanced hike with Eddy.And by advanced I mean holy shiiiit. We had to turn sideways and squeeze between rock formations, walk across tree trunks over mud and water, scale a small cliff-side (we were lost lol) and climb over a lot of large rocks. Eddy was a trooper, it was a five mile hike, some of it he wasn't capable of walking, since you know, he's a chihuahua and we were climbing and stuff. I carried him in a sling for those parts. After about an hour, he finally stopped and looked up like "Ok guys, I am DONE with this." and we carried him lol. It was adorable.

This photo makes me more happy than I can explain with words:

Yesterday, Brian wanted to hike again, which is awesome. I love hiking, but he really couldn't do it before when he weighed 350lbs and had such bad asthma. We went to John Bryan park and it was magical.

We spent some time in Yellow Springs and then headed home. From there we went to Kevin and Jess's house. They made us burgers. Nom nom nom! Then a horrendously windy bike ride! ERG! I hate 20mph wind :(
photo.JPG photo.JPG

Then we went home and I worked on my first freezer paper "screen print" shirt. It's not done, I have words to add, but I'm happy with it so far!

This week I have a shit ton of work to do lol. I actually took work off on Thursday and Friday here because I have TWO big cakes this week. A three tier wedding cake a a two tier fall cake. It's going to be interesting!

Then I have Thanksgiving at my house on Sunday. Can you believe I haven't done a single thing to prepare??

Those of you who've been following me a while know this is usually my big deal day!
Thanksgiving 2009!
Thanksgiving 2010!

As you can see, I have very little time to get started on my work to outdo myself again this year!!!

My gear is here!!

I'm so excited and pleased with my purchase!!

With HTC Highroad arm and leg sleeves:

Without the sleeves:

Three back pockets!

The jersey is full front zip. I am SO HAPPY with it.

I feel like a true cyclist. I'm going to look so ridiculous leaned over my handlebars with that fucking spine running down my back.
It IS a men's jersey, so it's not like all sexy cut or whatever, but I don't care, it's so rad.

Let's see... what else... we got this piece of furniture from Brian's grandfather's house. I really need some treasures to put into it. Right now I have three vintage cameras, a vintage metronome, a small sculpture and a photo frame in it.

I'd be amiss to not mention Steve Jobs. I had a strong feeling this was coming, but not so soon. He was a brilliant man, I don't care how you feel about apple as a corporation. Aside from all that, the man was a visionary. He was also involved with Pixar and so much else. He was truly one of the greats of our time. Also,this comic on Reddit made me chuckle today.
1 photo

Tonight, however, I watch The Matrix.

The Matrix always gets me all riled up. Occupy Wall Street has me all riled up. I feel like there's no better analogy for what is going on in our society today... the world that has been pulled over our eyes.
"That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it. "

Occupy Wall Street... I find inspiring.
This article possibly says it better than anything else I've read:

‎"...we are witnessing America's first true Internet-era movement, which -- unlike civil rights protests, labor marches, or even the Obama campaign -- does not take its cue from a charismatic leader, express itself in bumper-sticker-length goals and understand itself as having a particular endpoint."

"Anyone who says he has no idea what these folks are protesting is not being truthful. Whether we agree with them or not, we all know what they are upset about, and we all know that there are investment bankers working on Wall Street getting richer while things for most of the rest of us are getting tougher. What upsets banking's defenders and politicians alike is the refusal of this movement to state its terms or set its goals in the traditional language of campaigns."

You know what, actually, everyone should just read the article because it's a brilliant slice of journalism.

Busy busy

Went on a cleaning rampage this weekend. I love our place when it's clean!

I was happy to get the mail Friday and get my leg sleeves!
I'm still waiting for my matching arm sleeves, my jersey and my face mask. Yeah, that's happening.

Also, I made this cake, I'm pretty proud of it. I came up with the idea for the sides. I painted them with my edible silver stuff and added rust and screws. I thought it was pretty snazzy.
photo photo photo

We've sort of inherited an amazing solid oak cabinet from Brian's grandpa who is moving into a smaller place.
It's probably 7 or 8 feet tall, it has glass shelves with lights over each one and then enclosed cabinets below. It's really really nice, grown up furniture. It's going to look ridiculously nice in our hall. I can't wait to get it tomorrow. Now I'm going to need to find stuff to put in it. I have a couple of old cameras... I might see if my mom still has my star trek ship collection... I would really like to have them to display. I took a photo of the case yesterday, but it doesn't do it justice, so I'll wait and post a photo once it's in our place.

Why do we blog?

A friend on twitter this morning posed the question, "Do bloggers blog for the blog comments or just for self-satisfaction? Or for some other reason?"

It's funny because my views on blogging have changes drastically over the past ten years. I believe there are different levels and types of blogs as well.

I've been here on LJ since 2001 and it is the most unique blogging platform out there, as far as I'm concerned. Some will say no one uses it anymore, but we all know that's not true. Lj has evolved far and wide since we all started posting song lyrics and high contrast photos of ourselves on there so long ago.

The most unique thing about LJ, is that we are a true community of friends. Not a mass of individuals with followers. Here, we are all created equal. We all share our lives with each other and, over time, have grown to truly know each other. Two of my real life best friends were made on LJ and others on here, I know that given the chance, we would most certainly spend time together in the real world.

We know each other better than most people we know in flesh and blood, because here, we tell all. And we've been doing it for so long. THAT is the magic of livejournal.
Most of us were blogging here before it was even called blogging... Or we didn't know that yet anyway. I remember the first time I heard the word "blog", I sneered at the thought. WTF kind of word is that? That will never catch on! Then again I also thought there was NO WAY apple would really call their tablet the iPad... So yeah.

In any case, These days I proudly refer to myself as a blogger. And in some sense, think of myself as a successful one. There are so many reasons to blog and so many levels of success. Here on LJ, I have 290 friends. Not everyone posts or comments all the time, but I honestly feel that the majority of that list is active at least most of the time. I did a major trim down in 2009 and I feel like my list has been about the same since that time, give or take a few new folks and a few who've stopped.

The major question Chaz raised this morning was "why?" why blog? For yourself? For others? For feedback? For numbers? For followers? For amplification?

I feel like there's no right or wrong answer here. Here on LJ, I blog for myself, as this is my personal blog. I also blog with my community of friends in mind, mentioning them and sometimes putting together certain things for them specifically. Which is nice because you know your audience, you're comfortable with them and you know that not everything you post has to be open to the public. Your posts can be friends only, public or even just viewable to special groups you compile of friends within your friends!

Then, I have my cake blog. That blog is almost exclusively written for others. I actually haven't been keeping up with it as much because I don't get as much satisfaction from that blog. It is so time consuming to write those entries and prepare tutorials. Which brings me to another of Chaz's questions, "Do you ever worry that one is paying attention?"

Let's face it, there's nothing worse than taking a ton of time to write, what you think, is some of your best work. You thought out the story line, you added photos, you spent two hours putting it together. Then you post it.

Then... Nothing? No comments? What does if mean? Should I have posted it at a different time of day? Should I have not written so much/so little? Too many photos?
Was it boring? Was I wrong about something?

For sure, as bloggers, we've all dealt with this. I have more fear that I'm playing to an empty room on my cake blog on Wordpress. Here, I will always have my built in audience. The regulars at my bar, if you will. Where, on Wordpress, I'm like the out of town band who isn't sure anyone saw the flyers I spent all that time on and hey, I could have a great show or I could be playing to one person who wandered in. BUT- that one person could say WOW, you were awesome and become a fan for life.
I think that's a fair analogy.

I think we can all agree that the point of blogging is to be heard. Wether by a small audience or a large one, we're here to share something. To a lot of us, writing is in our blood. We have to write. Stopping means dying. We feel the need to document. I am pleased as punch that I have a ten year documentation of my life here on LJ.

In the end, I guess I feel like my purpose has always been just to write my blogs and if people give me feedback, that's great. If not, I can't be upset about it. I'm a wordy person. I always have been. This has been my outlet for so long. My place to put all those extra words. My place to tell my stories.

Some times I get wrapped up in the idea of Internet fame when I put extra work into my cake blog. I'm such a flake that I can never find the time to keep up. I've always been the person who does too many things at once and can never focus on just one thing for an extended period of time. I don't think I can change that about myself lol.

So what about you guys? Why do you blog? Do you ever feel like no one is paying attention? Do you feel like you blog for yourself or others? Do you consider yourself a blogger?

I'll say it again, some times I feel like the luckiest girl to have the amazing group of LJ friends I have. We're a total community and we always keep each other engaged and supported. I love you guys :)

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So. Brian turned 31 today. A few days ago, I asked him what he wanted to do. Originally, we were going to have people over for dinner. I mean, yeah, that's what we'd normally do. We enjoy having people over.

Well, we changed our minds.
We decided we were going to do a century.
For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a 100 mile bike ride.

We were in for some hard work, but we felt ready.

We got up early and ate french toast and eggs.

Then we packed the car with our bikes and some food. Lots of energy bars/gels and a cooler with some cold drinks and snacks. Even a carafe of coffee lol.

Now, let's think here for a minute. Let's really think about this. 100 miles. A 100 mile ride. We started riding a little over a year ago. At that time, Brian weighed 350 pounds.
This guy... he was this guy:

This guy who could ride a bike around the block. This guy who couldn't do more than a mile or two without using his inhaler four times and needing to go home.

This guy... wanted to ride 100 miles today for his birthday. Because he's earned it. We've earned it. We wanted to do it because we COULD.

105 pounds lost and almost 3,000 miles of riding this year... he knew he could do it. So we went for it!

We started with some energy shots and a ready to go photo!

We went to a spot on Xenia that has four paths intersecting. Our plan: to take each path 12.5 miles and then turn around and come back to the station. That way, we'd get 25 miles on each path and never be more than 12.5 miles from our car. Brilliant, amirite? That way, no heavy packs were needed as our snacks and drinks mostly stayed in the car. We just took a few things with us on each path as needed.

Well, as always, I'm going to now make my obligatory Fight Club reference. haha. I know you all love how I can make a FC reference about anything... anyhow, we got to spend about 20 miles with an awesome single serving friend today! We saw him with his loaded up bike and asked if he was touring.

His name was Justin Mauser and get this guys, he was on his way from Maine to his home in Arizona! Dudes, I googled that shit and Maine to Arizona is like almost 3,000 miles. So, of course, we were like well, holy shit, this guy is super legit! And we talked to him as long as we could before we had to turn back. It was really awesome.
You should all check out his blog here: http://wishfromcoasttocoast.blogspot.com/

Annnnd if anyone is feeling generous, you can donate to his cause here!
I'm going to try to toss some money in the bank and send it their way if I have some left over after ordering that cycling kit. Which I really need to get on.

He's on a charity ride for The Make a Wish Foundation! Super cool.

We swapped stories about animals, weather and everything else we could. I tried to get him to take some of those sandwiches I had in the car, but he had already eaten lol.

Eventually we had to turn around, we wished him well and headed back to the station.

EDIT: totally forgot to mention it was his birthday today as well! He turned 23 today! Happy birthday Justin!

By the time we got back from the third leg of our trip... my right foot was KILLING me. I switched today to 105 pedals and cleats from my campus pedals.

They always tell you never to make drastic changes to your bike routine right before a race or a long ride... but I didn't bother with that advice... and well... it sucked. My feet weren't used to the cleats and it was just crazy painful after 75 miles.

After 90 miles I was in so much pain, I was almost in tears. It was actually pretty awful lol.
I'll tell you guys... at 98 miles... I was feeling it. I was almost done. I was in pain, I was tired, I was feeling like I couldn't go two more miles, as bad as that sounds!! Then I realized... HEY I have TWO more miles! Just two! So I sacked up, shifted into a harder gear, thought hurting foot be damned, got into my drops and took off. I caught up with Brian who had got a bit ahead of me and we sped into Xenia Station with me not too far behind him ;)

We did it you guys! 100 miles!!

We were feeling mighty accomplished and tired. And hungry lol.

So there it is. Our first century! This is just the beginning! I'm so proud of us and so proud of Brian. Two years ago, I don't think anyone would have believed this was even possible. It's just insane. I'm so so proud. We have really hit a mile stone today. What better way to ring in his 31st birthday, than with proof that he's younger than ever!

I love you sweet heart and I'm so lucky to have you in my life! We're the best ever.

I can't wait to ride the Seattle to Portland next year.

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Edit: Decided I had to add these at the end! I know you've seen Brian's several times, but I've directed a lot of folks to this entry... and I just made one for myself. And WOW! photo photo Almost brings a tear to my eye!!!


So yesterday I spent FIVE HOURS texting with my friend Jeremy. I've talked about him before. I swear he and I do this about once a year. Four years ago, he moved to Seattle. Now all he does is try to get us to move there. Or at least visit.

Every year there's something called the STP ride. It's from Seattle to Portland. It's 200 miles. A double century. He wants us to come do it with him next year.

I want to do it very badly! I will need a new bike, for sure. I don't think it would be possible on my current bike with my current components, which I have very much outgrown already.
Brian is almost insistent that I get a brand new bike...
I'm looking at this one:

But seriously guys, $1,000 is a boat load of money to me. I'll need to start saving right away for both the bike and the trip. The tour is July 14-15th.

We want to spend a week in Seattle. Jeremy is going to show us around the city, take us on some amazing bike rides, try his damndest to convince us to move our lives across the country.

I'm 100% sold, but I know Brian would never agree to it lol.

This is the story of a girl

So, this week I went to a fondue party hosted by a cat in a tuxedo.
True story.


Let's see... I made this cake.

I got home yesterday an I was just exhausted. It's already been a long week at work. I hopped into the tub when I got home and texted Liz a pic of my tub feet lol. Because... I don't know. That's what we do. We're weird. Then this happened lol

Ah we're so funny. I can hardly stand it sometimes. Both in the bath tub texting away like we iPhones are impervious to water hahaha

So I wanted to decompress last night.
I made some mac and cheese, loaded up a bag with some food and a bottle of water and some comics and took off on my bike.
I headed to one of my favorite spots. There's a bend in the path and a hill... It over looks a narrow part of the river.

I threw down a blanket and set myself up to just hang out for a bit. I got there around 7:30. The sun was just setting. I ate my mac and cheese and watched as people kayaked down the river, rode down the path on bikes and jogged by.
I intended to read some of my Iron Man comics, but the sun went down very quickly.
So instead I watched an episode of Star Trek on Netflix on my phone. It's 2011, right?

After that, I laid back and just watched the stats for a while.

It was sort of dark where I was. The glow of downtown was close, but I was in a wooded area. There was one light in a nearby parking are for the firefighter training facility behind me.

I could see the dippers and Orian's belt. I could see Vega and some other bright stars. I downloaded an app that was very cool. It uses your positioning and maps out the stars for you. You hold it up and it gives you a very nice general idea of what is where.

I was completely enthralled with it. It's called stellarium and it's very cool.
I did a lot of research on telescopes and I've come to find that telescopes are expensive and cumbersome for the novice astronomer. You're hard pressed to find a decent telescope for under $300 if you want to look much beyond the moon. Also the issue of their size isn't convenient for someone like me looking to ride my bike out to a spot for viewing.

No, the best novice telescope for the money is not a telescope at all, but a pair of binoculars. I've poured over dozens of reviews, thirsty for both knowledge and the truth from those who are doing what I want to do with them already.

I have decided I really want these:
Celsetron Sky Masters. The reviews are amazing and they're said to be the best on the market for the money.

They're only $60 and that seems like a nice amount to me. They're expensive enough that I will want to use them and inexpensive enough that I won't feel bad if I only use them for a while.
For now they'll sit on my Amazon wishlist an I'll just have to hope I can afford them before fall is over. I just ordered my fall riding gear- arm and leg sleeves. So that I don't have to switch to a long sleeve jersey and pants. And I really want to order these:

Like really bad. I know it's a men's kit, but it's literally the coolest I've ever seen.
I'm going to need at least a short sleeve jersey as right now I only have a sleeveless jersey and the arm sleeve I got only go just above my elbow.
This kit is my current priority as it will take two to three weeks to receive it once it's ordered and I want it for a tour in October. I'm hoping to order it next week.

Why can't I be rich? Lol

Once I order that it'll be two or three weeks before I can order the Sky Masters and begin charting the heavens lol. I can't wait to see nebulas and planets. Just like when I was a kid and my dad used to drive us out to the country to watch the meteor showers.
I'm going to watch the thrift stores for telescopes, but I doubt I'll find much worth while.

Also, Brian's birthday is this weekend. We usually don't do gifts, but I'm buying him a french press. Only because we were going to get one this weekend anyway. We planned on splitting the cost, but I said I'd pay for it since it's his birthday. So that's $40... I'll make $100 at the bar this weekend and I need $50 more of that to be able to afford that cycling kit... That'll leave me with all of $10 running money for the week lol. But I am getting $35 for a small cake and someone owes me $20 still for a cake I just made them... So maybe I will be able to order the Sky Masters after I get paid at the bar the NEXT week. That wouldn't be so bad.
Of course on top of all this I'm supposed to be saving for a new bike, I really want to get a Cannondale, but I am really terrible at saving money. I feel like I'd never be able to save up $800+ and that's for the old model!

Money is so stupid lol.

Back to the space stuff though, have you heard about the 50 planets that have been recently discovered? Very exciting stuff. There were 16 out of these that are described as "super earths" and one that is in what they hope is in the perfect range of it's sun to be able to maintain liquid water. It's about 35 light years away from us.

I find this all extremely exciting. Brian says it's scary because this means soon we'll make first contact and most people don't have the capacity to accept that. I don't think that's scary at all. I think it's thrilling. I can't express how happy it would make me. He asked if I really wouldn't lose my mind and panic if we made first contact and I said with confidence that any freak out I had would be purely based on excitement and not fear.

Gosh this is rambley at this point. I should get to work.

Hope you're all having a good day.

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*UPDATE* someone just sent me a message on FB asking about me making a cake for them next week... so maaaaybe I will be able to afford everything haha.


New Glasses!


Must say I love them.

Another pair from zennioptical.com
$21, shipped! and with clip on sunglasses that make me look like Agent Smith from the Matrix.

In other news, today is the 45th anniversary of Star Trek.
It's funny, so many of my childhood memories involve Star Trek. When I was almost 4 years old, Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered. I remember watching it with my father. Well, I might not *specifically* remember actually watching the show, but I distinctly remember the anticipation. And I remember sitting in his big chair with him. And I remember watching that intro for the first time and being in awe. Thinking, wow... space.
For the record, I loved space. And everything to do with space.

I remember the year my brother got to go to space camp. I cried. I wanted to go SO BAD. He got to meet astronauts and I was so jealous.

When I was little, I just remember thinking, "When I am older, I'm going to go to Star Fleet Academy and I'm going to grow up to pilot a star ship. lol

Ah man I've said too much. Seriously though.
This tattoo is more than just some geeky tribute to me. It truly represents my childhood.
Everything I grew up loving.
Star Trek taught me to dream big! It taught me to always look to the future. It was inspiring and thought provoking.
If you aren't a Trekkie... if you weren't raised on it, or didn't grow up with it, you might think this all sounds silly lol.

Tonight I've been celebrating the 45th anniversary by watching Star Trek on Netflix :)
I watched a few episodes of the animated series and now I'm back to re-watching the Voyager series. It always fills me with nostalgia and makes me so happy to watch.




The roadiest road trip... it's like... 6.5- 7 hours, something like that. It's a lot of driving.

I adore the wind farm in Indiana. Makes the trip all worth while.

Once we got there, it was cat time and cake time!Collapse )

Our first bike ride was early Saturday morning. We were still on Ohio time and we went out super early while Liz was still sleeping. It was sprinkling rain and we got lost, but it was a good ride.

Once home, the three of us walked across the street to Cafe Centraal. Omg... BEST BREAKFAST EVER.
photo photo
We started with Mimosas, coffee and water. Then ordered some of the most amazing breakfast food I've ever had.

Our waitress was basically the cutest, coolest waitress of all time.

After the most expensive, but most epic breakfast ever... we went to Whole Foods.
We spent $100 on food and booze for the next couple of days.
So much booze and cheese!
We were so in love with the mimosas from breakfast that we wanted more!

Oh and cat snuggling.

On ward to the bike shop and the comic store!Collapse )

I made pasta for dinner
and drank mountain dew out of das boot. Then we made mimosas!

My next morning started with cat snuggles and coffee.
photo photo

Then it was...
Family bike ride time!Collapse )

Did I mention there were cats?

Then we got ice cream! And french press coffee.

photo photo

That night we made pizza for dinner.

Then drinks. Then gas station junk food.

Liz and I also made this table!
She has a toxic avengers one and mine was spider man. So much fun.

The next morning Brian and I got up early and got more coffee across the street.

Then we had brunch with Liz's boyfriend. There were so many potatoes on the menu that we jokingly asked if there was a potato cheese cake. Later the waitress brought us this. It was a complete hoot.

The road trip home took FOREVER we got stuck in traffic. At least it was pretty...

I was just happy to be home. <3

There was another bike ride in there somewhere and a lot of getting lost and what not, but that's the gist of it all! haha.

So much stuff

I have so much stuff to tell you guys and no time right now.

Good, bad etc.

Lots to catch up on about my trip to Wisconsin this past weekend.

In the mean time, check out the cake I made.

It was checkerboard inside. Check it out on my blog.

A day in the life...

Okay, I've been thinking of doing this forever, years now, honestly. I'm finally going to do a "day in the life" post.


Warning: more photos than anyone should ever put in one post below. also... me in my underwear... ooooooo.
It starts... with a song...Collapse )


100 down

It was a long day. Brian officially has lost 100lbs today! Yaay.

We had a coffee date before work in the morning.


It was a long day at work and after, we went to The Winds in Yellow Springs to celebrate.

Dave Chappelle was there having dinner with his family... This is the second time I've run into him in less than a week lol. Well, it was his kid's birthday and they were taking pictures. I was sitting behind Dave and when his wife was taking photos, I will say for a second, I truly considered photobombing them. Then I realized that would be a dick move. Haha. Oh, also, he totally tripped and fell in the restaurant also.
I only took this pic of the back of his head because I was texting liz and she said "pics or it didn't happen." hahaha

Our food was AMAZING. I got the lemoncello game hen and Brian had the Halibut. It was all really freaking delicious. I drank sparkling wine and he had a red. After dinner we had delicious coffee with these rad little sugar cubes.
Brian Coffee

After dinner we took a short bike ride and now I'm in bed about to fall asleep.

Good night my bloggy friends. <3

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Nerd Life

I went to my good friend Kevin yesterday to get tattooed and solidify, once again, that I'm the nerdiest girl he knows.
Possibly NSFW but it's just a little bit of pelvis...
Make it so...Collapse )

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Ain't love grand?

Well, yesterday was my seven year wedding anniversary :)
My wonderful husband and I have been together for 8 years total now and married for 7. We've never gone to bed angry and we've never doubted our love. We still make each other double over with laughter on a regular basis. He's my everything.

We are two very lucky people. Sometimes it still baffles me that we found each other.

We started our night at Jay's Seafood. A lovely local spot. We'd never been, but we'd heard nothing but good things. It was very busy for a Tuesday night which made me wonder if it was this busy every night. I assume on a weekend, a reservation is a must!

We were having an expenses-be-damned all out meal, so I didn't hesitate to order up a bottle of champagne.

The waitress was super sweet and asked if we were celebrating something. She thought it was so great we'd been married 7 years since we looked so young. (I was 20 when we got married!)

When the food arrived I was in heaven!
Split crab legs wrapped in a hot, steamed towel, filet mignon and a buttery baked potato. There was even a butter sauce cup which was on a little stand above a lit candle to keep it warm.

Brian had the seared Ahi tuna
Forgot to post Brian&quot;s food last night! Seared Ahi Tuna

Everything was just fantastic!
Then we told our waitress we were going to try to catch a movie. She ran off to get our check and returned with this!
Omg cake
Omg it was so cute I could have died!

We blew out the candle and kissed and he put it in a box for us to take with us. So cute.
We may or may not have eaten some in the car. With a fork I found... On the floor of the car.

So much fun.

We were all dressed up and I had my stiletto heels on the dashboard and I was eating a cake with a fork. No big deal.

We went and saw Captain America and it was actually REALLY good.
I'm famous for cracking up movie theaters full of people with my comments during awkward silences after previews. Last night there was a preview for some bird flu movie. When it was over I announced "well that looks fucking depressing!" (these things just come out of my mouth, I can't stop myself! I swear!) but yeah everyone around us burst out laughing.
The movie was great, I loved Stan Lee's cameo, as always! And the end had a great preview for the Avengers movie. Can't wait.

Also, just to really show you how hard he has worked, here is a photo of Brian two years ago on our anniversary. Who the hell is that guy?

Also, six years ago yesterday, I survived a terrible car crash when I nodded off driving home from my 3rd shift job. I spun down a hill and slammed into a bunch of trees and some telephone breaker boxes. My poor minivan (which I LOVED) was completely destroyed and I walked away with minor injuries. They say that the fact that I fell asleep kept my body from tensing up and helped me avoid injury beyond a few scraps, cuts and bruises and a bit of whiplash from my seatbelt. Without which, I almost certainly would have gone through the windshield. Scary stuff. I'm such a lucky girl <3

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